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Naomi Klein
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 1-5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. __________ were twenty-something workers who were brought in to help corporations find out what was cool for the teens of the day.
(a) Free agents.
(b) Teen agents.
(c) New agents.
(d) Change agents.

2. Who did the business leaders of the 1990s begin to realize was the next new consumer group they needed to target?
(a) Teenagers.
(b) Baby boomers.
(c) Young adults.
(d) Older folks.

3. As multiple ___________ began to produce the same products, however, the idea of brand names came into being.
(a) Books.
(b) Machines.
(c) Companies.
(d) Invoices.

4. Cool _________ are stalkers of youth culture who trail teens, hang out with them, learn their language, and then recommend products.
(a) Stalkers.
(b) Folks.
(c) Hunters.
(d) Beans.

5. With the help of ___________ advertising gurus, a product is no longer a product, but it is a way of life, an attitude, a set of values, a look, an idea.
(a) Trained.
(b) New age.
(c) Marketing.
(d) Professional.

Short Answer Questions

1. The Internet has created opportunities for ad free _______ which use embedded keywords to direct a reader to an advertisement.

2. Large corporations give money to movie makers in order to get their products prominently featured in __________.

3. __________ allowed companies to become more connected to the events which they were affiliated with, no matter what the event.

4. Street _________ abound in the black neighborhoods as they know that the trends there will be cool in two to three years.

5. Over time, however, the people who were being used to promote brands realized that the cultural _______ was being usurped by larger corporations.

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