Objects & Places from The Tipping Point

Malcolm Gladwell
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Hush Puppies Shoes

The author begins the book with the story of this shoe line that almost went under before a few key people became interested in the shoes, leading to their resurgence.

NYC Subway Cars

According to the author, the graffiti that covered these facilities served to give permission to the vandals and criminals that frequented the system.

Dirty Needles

When Baltimore instituted an exchange program for these objects, they doubted such actions would make an impact in the spread of disease.

Financial Planner's Script Book

This refers to the publication in which Tom Gau's responses to common questions about financial planning are recorded.


Researchers have found that this communication method not only transmits knowledge actively, but it also engages passive viewers and transmits even emotions.


At the conception of Sesame Street, researchers cautioned against mixing real and fictional characters, such as on this show...

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