The Tipping Point Character Descriptions

Malcolm Gladwell
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John Zenilman

This individual performs research at Johns Hopkins University and is cited by the author as an expert on sexually transmitted diseases. His expertise supports the first principle of epidemics that a small change results in major effects.

John Potterat

This leading epidemiologist has denoted a small and unrelated cause of the spread of STDs, which is the destruction of downtown housing projects.

Darnell "Boss Man” McGee

This individual serves as a case study of the way in which one person can spread a disease, as he slept with over 100 women in the St. Louis area, infecting 30 with HIV.

Jaap Goudsmit

This individual proved interesting research on the history of HIV. He studied outbreaks of PCP and noticed that in the 1950s in Holland, many babies diagnosed with PCP overcame the disease and lived.

Paul Revere

This individual serves as the ultimate example of the power of...

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