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Harold McGee
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Phenolic Compounds

These are chemical molecules made from rings of 6 carbon atoms, which are vital to plant life.


These are molecules that react with free radicals within the body to help stop them from degenerating DNA.


These are compounds of three to five carbon rings that span two or more normally-separate protein molecules, bond to them and hold them together.


These are bitter tasting toxins in some plants used as a defense mechanism against predators.


These are bitter, hydrogen cyanide molecules that plants use to generate energy.


These are substances in many plants containing nitrogen, which causes liver damage and cancer.

Protease Inhibitors and Letins

These plant chemicals cause red blood cells to bind to one another, as well as a variety of other symptoms related to food poisoning.

Maillard reactions

These are known as browning reactions, occur when a carbohydrate molecule reacts...

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