Daily Lessons for Teaching On Food and Cooking

Harold McGee
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Lesson 1 (from Acknowledgements)


ON FOOD AND COOKING is a food-based book written by Harold McGee. Rather than concentrating on recipes the book examines the raw products, their uses and origins.

The aim of this lesson is to introduce the book.


1. Class discussion. What do the students already know about Harold McGee? What can they tell from the book by looking at its cover? What do the students expect from the book? Why do they expect these things to happen?

2. With the students look at the questions that McGee asks in the opening chapter of the book. Divide the students into pairs and ask the students to write down five questions McGee poses. After ten minutes, ask the students to swap their work with another pairs and provide solutions to the questions.

3. Divide the class into groups and give each student the title of a McGee book or article...

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