On Food and Cooking Fun Activities

Harold McGee
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Write a aiku which you think summarizes the book.

500 Words.

Summarize the book in 500 words.

Front Cover.

Design a front and back cover for the book, including a blurb.

The Best Diet.

Write a list of professions, for example, sportsman, actor, businessman and teacher. Put all all the job titles in a hat and ask each student to draw one out. Their aim is to develop a diet that will help that person become efficient in their daily life.

Healthy Restaurant.

Divide into two groups. One group's aim is to develop a menu for an unhealthy restaurant and the other group's is to develop a menu for a healthy restaurant.

Guess the Food.

Choose one of the food products from the book and think about how that product would look, walk and act in general if it was given human characteristics. Find some clothes from home and...

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