On Food and Cooking Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Harold McGee
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• McGee opens the book with a chapter on milk and diary products. He states milk contains several nutrients including Vitamins A and B.

• Milking making methods changed dramatically in the 1860s when farmers began using heat treatment. This treatment killed germs and allowed milk to last longer.
• Butter is made by agitating cream until one damages fat globule membranes. The watery portion of butter is used to make buttermilk.

• Ice cream is made from ice crystals and sugared cream. When the water cream freezes, the cream coats the ice crystals.


• Fermented dairy products include yogurt and sour cream. Fermentation happens when the bacteria in milk digests the milk's lactose.

• Cheese is made from milk, rennet and microbes. The rennet curdles the milk while the microbes acidify and flavor it.
• An egg develops from a living germ cell. When the yolk passes the oviduct it becomes coated...

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