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John Battelle
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This test consists of 5 short answer questions, 10 short essay questions, and 1 (of 3) essay topics.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who creates "The Tablets?"

2. What is the example given of a small online business that is driving most of the Internet revenue?

3. As mentioned in Chapter 10, how many employees does Google plan to have in the next few years?

4. What question does the Florida Supreme Court attempt to answer in 2003?

5. Battelle's examples are based on what Internet function?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Google's motto and what is Battelle's opinion on it?

2. Why isn't Google interested in going public and selling shares of the company during its first few years?

3. Briefly describe some of the troubles Google experiences during the months before becoming a public company.

4. What business practice discussed in Chapter 8 might be perceived as an abandonment of Google's motto?

5. What is click fraud and how does it affect search businesses?

6. How can clickstream analysis lead to the further development of search?

7. What are some of the challenges mentioned in Chapter 10 that Google faces as it continues to grow?

8. What are the two important facts about search that Battelle's story illustrates in Chapter 12?

9. Describe Battelle's notion of the everlasting impact of search that he explores in Chapter 12.

10. How does an algorithm tweak on Google's part inadvertently hurt many online businesses in 2003?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The Search follows the story of Google mainly, but it also provides interesting backgrounds for other Internet companies as well. This includes Yahoo, whose story has a bigger lesson within it. Write about the history of Yahoo, from the very beginning and the original intention of Yang and Filo, to how it grew into one of the biggest search engines on the Internet. Also, explain the importance of Yahoo's story in the sense that the company's discovery was accidental. What does that say about objectives and ways they can turn out differently than what was originally intended? Use examples from either your own life, people you know, or other stories that have similar courses. Be sure to use the book to supply the necessary dates and information.

Essay Topic 2

Understanding trends of Internet users is a key part to the success of a search engine, and Battelle talks about habits, preferences, and intent.

1) Describe the trends detailed in the book, such as countries that use Internet search, how much they use it, the times of the day Internet search is used the most, etc. Include the possible reasons for these trends and use data from the book to support your description and analysis.

2) Explain how the trends described above are used to customize the user's online experience with search and advertising. What makes this an effective marketing strategy?

Essay Topic 3

In your opinion, does Google adopt an arrogant attitude along the way to the company's success? Does its attitude affect the business or how it is perceived? Was the company and its leaders unfairly categorized? Use several examples from the book to explain your opinion. Also, is it natural for successful businesses to have a similar attitude? Why?

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