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John Battelle
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 12, Epilogue.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. is founded on what line of thinking?
(a) Internet users will be willing to pay for a faster search engine with more targeted results.
(b) Internet users who have not made purchases online should be charged a service fee for using search engines.
(c) Advertisers will be willing to pay more to have paying customers directed to their websites instead of higher volumes of low-quality traffic.
(d) Advertisers who sell online products rely on incredible amounts of traffic to their websites to stay in business.

2. How many searches does the rest of the world perform compared to U.S. Internet users?
(a) Twice as many.
(b) Five times as many.
(c) Three times as many.
(d) Less than half as many.

3. What alternative search engine did Dr. Michael Mauldin create in 1994?
(c) Lycos.
(d) Excite.

4. Google's search engine analyzes how many factors when determining the relevance of the user's keywords?
(a) More than 200 factors.
(b) More than 100 factors.
(c) Less than 50 factors.
(d) Between 50 and 100 factors.

5. What is the core technology that supplied an algorithm for the order of websites?
(a) PageRank.
(b) PageVolume.
(c) PageSort.
(d) PageListing.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is an "IPO"?

2. Who does Page admire for doing noteworthy studies but never profiting from them?

3. According to Battelle, what two entities are public companies held accountable to?

4. What happens when Page tries to sell Google to other Internet companies?

5. From which fields of doctoral candidates does Battelle think will use the database as a research tool?

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