The Search Character Descriptions

John Battelle
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Larry Page

This character is the gregarious co-founder of Google.

Sergey Brin

This character is the mathematician who co-founded Google.

Eric Schmidt

This character becomes part of Google's three-way management structure and uses maturity to help stabilize the company during rapid growth periods.

Shona Brown

This character tries a disciplined approach as Google's VP of business operations.

Bill Gross

This character develops the original business model that Google adapts to become successful.

Alan Emtage

This character creates Archie, the first Internet search engine.

Matthew Gray

This character creates Wanderer, the first Web search engine.

Louis Monier

This character creates AltaVista.

Dr. Michael Mauldin

This character creates Lycos.

Jerry Yang

This character co-founds Yahoo.

David Filo

This character co-founds Yahoo.

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