The Search Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

John Battelle
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Chapter 1, The Database of Intentions

• The Database of Intentions is introduced.
• The way search engines gather information is described.
• Clickstream analysis is explained along with the marketability of online advertising.

Chapter 2, Who, What, Where, Why, When, and How (Much)

• A detailed explanation of how keywords are processed by crawlers is given.
• The breakdown of Internet use in different countries is studied.
• Profits and growth of the search industry are analyzed.

Chapter 3, Search Before Google

• The author gives an account of the Internet's early days, before Google emerges.
• Various creations lead to company takeovers in the search industry.
• The story of Yahoo's beginning is told.

Chapter 4, Google Is Born

• Larry Page and Sergey Brin begin their adventurous path to Google by creating BackRub at Stanford University.
• The name, Google, is chosen to represent the company's intent.
• After trying to sell Google to other companies, Page and Brin receive funding...

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