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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which golf pro does Jack beat in a 1998 game?
(a) Greg Norman.
(b) Tiger Woods.
(c) Bill Gates.
(d) Matt Lauer.

2. Where is Jack's successor introduced?
(a) At an economic briefing hosted by president-elect George W. Bush.
(b) In expensive primetime advertising on ABC.
(c) At the company picnic.
(d) In a highly televised press conference.

3. Who sets the tone in a company and shares the best ideas and knowledge?
(a) The corporate attorney.
(b) The CEO.
(c) The employees.
(d) Human resources.

4. In GE's Internet business, what is the new role of salespeople?
(a) Order-takers.
(b) Consultants.
(c) Expediters.
(d) Advocates.

5. How does investment banker Joseph Jett rip off the company?
(a) He takes all the office supplies and leaves with them.
(b) He installs a computer virus company wide.
(c) He makes fictitious trades to inflate his own bonus.
(d) He takes money from the corporate safe.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Larry Bossidy present on Jack's behalf at the CEC meeting?

2. Which scandalous investment banking firm does GE buy?

3. Who does Jack defeat in a 36-hole golf match played in Nantucket?

4. What does Jack say that honesty and single agendas build?

5. To whom does GE sell its investment banking firm?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is "wallowing" and how does GE use it?

2. How does e-business change the role of a GE salesperson?

3. Why does GE pass up opportunities to acquire high-tech companies in the late 1990s?

4. What are Jack's predictions about business with China?

5. Briefly explain how Jack decides to compete with the Japanese.

6. How does GE get a head start on foreign investing in Japan and what Japanese investments made GE Capital a major player in the world of finance?

7. Discuss the rankings of GE's television stations CNBC, MSNBC and NBC in 2001. Why is NBC's ranking important?

8. Why does GE find itself under investigation for its industrial diamond business and what is the result?

9. Briefly, why is Honeywell a good business for GE to buy?

10. What does Jack tell General Electric employees in his final farewell address to them?

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