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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where is the meeting held in which Jack gave his farewell speech?
(a) Crotonville.
(b) Boca Raton.
(c) Fairfield.
(d) Fairview.

2. As Jack attempts to buy the business that complements GE in various areas, what stumbling block does he face?
(a) The European Commission.
(b) Congressional inquiries.
(c) The Superfund Act.
(d) The American Anti-Trust Act.

3. What does Jack decide is the best way to differentiate GE from Japanese companies?
(a) He pays a senior female employee who speaks Japanese to be in an ad campaign.
(b) He promotes GE as the employer of choice for women.
(c) He appoints Anne Abaya to be head of the company's human resources in Japan.
(d) All the answers are correct.

4. When melding manufacturing with financial ingenuity, what kinds of employees make the difference?
(a) Creative.
(b) Loyal.
(c) Accountants.
(d) Nonchalant.

5. What does Jack learn when he makes a trip to the company's facilities in Japan?
(a) There are only 3 women holding key positions.
(b) There are already 14 women holding key positions.
(c) The women working there did not meet his standards.
(d) Japanese women don't want to work for GE.

6. Which deal secures Japanese distributor Nagase & Co. as GE's new partner?
(a) The Japanese-American deal.
(b) The Japanese-American sanction.
(c) The NAFTA deal.
(d) The Mitui Petrochemical deal.

7. Who does Jack defeat in a 36-hole golf match played in Nantucket?
(a) Scott McNealy.
(b) Warren Buffet.
(c) Frank Rooney.
(d) Bill Gates.

8. What attitude best describes the investment banking firm employees?
(a) Winners at all cost.
(b) Backstabbing for higher raises.
(c) Overvalued ideas about themselves.
(d) Lack of confidence due to the scandal.

9. What plays an important role in growing GE's services?
(a) Acquisition.
(b) Expense reduction.
(c) Promotion.
(d) Employee health care.

10. How does Jack plan to select a successor that the board will unite behind?
(a) By creating new board positions.
(b) By adding himself to the board upon his retirement.
(c) By asking the board nicely to support his successor.
(d) By deeply involving the board in the selection process.

11. As GE begins redefining its markets, which industry is the first to be reorganized?
(a) Financial systems.
(b) Medical systems.
(c) Computer systems.
(d) Aircraft engine.

12. What does Larry Bossidy present on Jack's behalf at the CEC meeting?
(a) Six Degrees.
(b) Six Pence.
(c) Six Sigma.
(d) Six Flags.

13. How many years before his planned retirement does Jack begin the process of selecting a successor?
(a) 7 days.
(b) 7 weeks.
(c) 7 months.
(d) 7 years.

14. Which three TV shows turn around the entertainment sector of the GE-owned company?
(a) Roseanne, 20/20 and L.A. Law.
(b) Frasier, Friends, and ER.
(c) Designing Women, 60 Minutes, and The Jeffersons.
(d) The Simpsons, Married with Children, and Get a Life.

15. Who earns the title "Father of GE Global Activity"?
(a) Webb.
(b) Welch.
(c) Drucker.
(d) Fresco.

Short Answer Questions

1. What most improves Jack's golf game?

2. Which GE teams get projects improving every day performance in their current positions?

3. Who transforms GE Capital from a purely financial business into a thriving business that uses deal-making for operational skills?

4. To what does Jack credit the success of GE Capital?

5. To which former U.S. president was Roger Ailes a political adviser?

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