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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How much has the PCB levels in fish dropped since the congressional act?
(a) 90 percent.
(b) 85 percent.
(c) 10 percent.
(d) 20 percent.

2. When does the list of candidates for Jack's successor narrow to the final three?
(a) In 1999.
(b) In 1995.
(c) In 1998.
(d) In 2000.

3. Which India-based company becomes a GE partner in developing low-end, low-cost medical systems products?
(a) Siemens.
(b) Wipro.
(c) Phillips.
(d) India, Inc.

4. How does Jack learn to play golf?
(a) Reg Jones taught him to play.
(b) By watching videos during work hours.
(c) He took lessons from Rooney.
(d) By watching others while working as a caddy.

5. When Jack reflects on things that worked for him as CEO, what tops his list?
(a) Golf as a stress reliever.
(b) Reducing costs.
(c) Integrity.
(d) Employee raises.

6. Which deal secures Japanese distributor Nagase & Co. as GE's new partner?
(a) The Japanese-American deal.
(b) The NAFTA deal.
(c) The Japanese-American sanction.
(d) The Mitui Petrochemical deal.

7. According to Jack, what is growing services all about?
(a) Insurance.
(b) Profits.
(c) Public relations.
(d) People.

8. Who is recruited to help GE's online presence?
(a) Younger computer game-savvy talent.
(b) Younger Internet-savvy talent.
(c) Younger network-savvy talent.
(d) Younger software-savvy talent.

9. What kind of acquisitions does Jack pass up in the late 1990s?
(a) High-tech companies.
(b) Grant-funded companies.
(c) Women-owned companies.
(d) Work-from-home companies.

10. How many candidates does Jack start with in 1994 as he seeks his successor?
(a) 19.
(b) 8.
(c) 25.
(d) 23.

11. Who initially questions GE's quality of products and services?
(a) Human resources.
(b) A governmental investigation.
(c) Employees.
(d) Jack.

12. What acquisition will delay Jack's retirement?
(a) Phillips.
(b) Honeywell.
(c) Samsung.
(d) British Airways.

13. Which golf pro does Jack beat in a 1998 game?
(a) Bill Gates.
(b) Tiger Woods.
(c) Greg Norman.
(d) Matt Lauer.

14. What was the single biggest obstacle facing the television station now owned by GE?
(a) The spread of reality show popularity.
(b) The spread of HDTV.
(c) The spread of cable TV.
(d) The spread of satellite TV.

15. What allows GE to expand markets and find new customers?
(a) Equal Opportunity Act.
(b) E-mail.
(c) E-business.
(d) Easy Internet advertising.

Short Answer Questions

1. By May 2001, which established TV show is Jack's competing with directly?

2. Which congressional act addresses PCB site cleanup?

3. What is the term Jack coins for the process of people sitting down together spontaneously to hash out a complex issue?

4. What results in greater customer intimacy for GE?

5. If bureaucracy strangles, what does informality do?

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