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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which India-based company becomes a GE partner in developing low-end, low-cost medical systems products?
(a) Phillips.
(b) Wipro.
(c) India, Inc.
(d) Siemens.

2. What is Gary Wendt's nickname?
(a) The Priest of Growth.
(b) The God of Google.
(c) The Kasbah of Cash.
(d) The Prince of Growth.

3. In GE's Internet business, what is the new role of salespeople?
(a) Consultants.
(b) Expediters.
(c) Order-takers.
(d) Advocates.

4. Who is the judge in hearings related to GE's purchase of the company that complements GE in various areas?
(a) The Senate.
(b) The leader of the House of Representatives.
(c) The prosecutor.
(d) The defense attorney.

5. Which GE teams get projects improving every day performance in their current positions?
(a) Green Belt.
(b) Yellow Belt.
(c) Black Belt.
(d) Red Belt.

6. By May 2001, which established TV show is Jack's competing with directly?
(a) <i>Face the Nation</i>.
(b) <i>Lou Dobb's Moneyline</i>.
(c) <i>Donny Deutch's The Big Idea</i>.
(d) <i>Larry King Live</i>.

7. Who co-wrote the book that blames Jack for the broadcast company's failure?
(a) Tom Brokaw.
(b) Grant Tinker.
(c) David Letterman.
(d) Jay Leno.

8. What allows GE to expand markets and find new customers?
(a) Easy Internet advertising.
(b) Equal Opportunity Act.
(c) E-mail.
(d) E-business.

9. Who is recruited to help GE's online presence?
(a) Younger computer game-savvy talent.
(b) Younger Internet-savvy talent.
(c) Younger software-savvy talent.
(d) Younger network-savvy talent.

10. Under the company's new culture, who is rewarded with GE stock options?
(a) Green Belts and above.
(b) All the Black Belts only.
(c) All who complete training.
(d) The best of the Black Belts.

11. If bureaucracy strangles, what does informality do?
(a) Liberates.
(b) Runs away.
(c) Also strangles.
(d) Chokes.

12. How long does it take GE to build the number 1 ultrasound imaging technology?
(a) Five years.
(b) Three years.
(c) Ten years.
(d) Four years.

13. Which medical equipment becomes the fastest selling CT scan, with a tube life of 500,000 scans?
(a) The Speed of Light CT.
(b) Speed the Light CT.
(c) The LightSpeed CT.
(d) The Lightening Speed CT.

14. Jack says China is more than a market. What does he say it is?
(a) Not worth selling into.
(b) A political obstacle.
(c) A fast-growing competitor.
(d) A huge obstacle.

15. To what does Jack credit the success of GE Capital?
(a) Brainstorming sessions at Crotonville.
(b) Work-out sessions at the factories.
(c) Incredible amounts of intensity, ingenuity, and entrepreneurship.
(d) Incredible creativity, science, and research.

Short Answer Questions

1. How much has the PCB levels in fish dropped since the congressional act?

2. GE pays $3.5 million as punishment for its use of PCBs. What does the money fund?

3. As Jack expands GE into globalization, what happens to U.S. jobs and facilities?

4. Which GE teams get projects including improving call centers, increasing factory capacity, and reducing billing errors and inventory?

5. Which aspect of GE's business is the first to introduce long-term service contracts for the company?

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