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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. As he leaves his position as GE's CEO, what type of workplace is Jack certain he built for the company?
(a) A meritocracy.
(b) A hierarchy.
(c) A bureaucracy.
(d) A monarchy.

2. Who is the judge in hearings related to GE's purchase of the company that complements GE in various areas?
(a) The leader of the House of Representatives.
(b) The Senate.
(c) The defense attorney.
(d) The prosecutor.

3. What does Larry Bossidy present on Jack's behalf at the CEC meeting?
(a) Six Degrees.
(b) Six Pence.
(c) Six Flags.
(d) Six Sigma.

4. What attitude best describes the investment banking firm employees?
(a) Overvalued ideas about themselves.
(b) Winners at all cost.
(c) Lack of confidence due to the scandal.
(d) Backstabbing for higher raises.

5. Who earns the title "Father of GE Global Activity"?
(a) Drucker.
(b) Welch.
(c) Webb.
(d) Fresco.

6. What most improves Jack's golf game?
(a) Motivational yoga before hitting the greens.
(b) Watching golf videos throughout the week.
(c) Private lessons from Tiger Woods.
(d) Breaking down the mechanics to teach his wife.

7. What allows GE to expand markets and find new customers?
(a) E-business.
(b) Easy Internet advertising.
(c) E-mail.
(d) Equal Opportunity Act.

8. GE pays $3.5 million as punishment for its use of PCBs. What does the money fund?
(a) A governmental bribe.
(b) Landfill cleanup.
(c) Smog cleanup.
(d) River cleanup.

9. In the Epilogue, what does Jack once again stress as important to growing a business?
(a) Increasing pay.
(b) Reducing waste.
(c) Customer service.
(d) Globalization.

10. How do local utility engineers use GE's power systems home pages?
(a) To compare the cost of heating turbines.
(b) To compare heat rate and fuel burn in turbines.
(c) To compare the price of turbines.
(d) To compare the cost of fueling turbines.

11. Which scandalous investment banking firm does GE buy?
(a) Paine-Webber.
(b) Chase, Manhattan.
(c) Neiman, Marcus.
(d) Kidder, Peabody.

12. What is GE's only truly global business in the 1980s?
(a) Credit.
(b) Televisions.
(c) Finances.
(d) Plastics.

13. What does Jack say that honesty and single agendas build?
(a) A boring work environment.
(b) Mutiny.
(c) Trouble to the bank account.
(d) Better relationships.

14. Which aspect of GE's business is most successful in India?
(a) Financial services.
(b) Lighting.
(c) Appliances.
(d) Medical systems.

15. What plays an important role in growing GE's services?
(a) Promotion.
(b) Expense reduction.
(c) Employee health care.
(d) Acquisition.

Short Answer Questions

1. When melding manufacturing with financial ingenuity, what kinds of employees make the difference?

2. What is the term Jack coins for the process of people sitting down together spontaneously to hash out a complex issue?

3. When GE bought RCA in 1985, which national television station was included in the deal?

4. How does Jack plan to select a successor that the board will unite behind?

5. Which India-based company becomes a GE partner in developing low-end, low-cost medical systems products?

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