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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Jack cut with the help of his CFO?
(a) Lots of factory jobs.
(b) Lots of health care expenses.
(c) Bureaucracy and non-essential internal data.
(d) Extra money spent for family insurance benefits.

2. How many years does Jack serve as CEO of General Electric?
(a) 15.
(b) 10.
(c) 20.
(d) 30.

3. Which company's restructuring is prefaced by government bailout and public struggle to avoid bankruptcy?
(a) GE.
(b) Ford.
(c) Bell Telephone.
(d) Chrysler.

4. Why does Jack choose to build fitness centers in some facilities?
(a) He can get an insurance kickback.
(b) His employees are obese and need a workout.
(c) He can cut employee health insurance plans.
(d) It is a place everyone can use and a place to exchange thoughts and ideas.

5. What is Jack's title at the new GE plastics plant?
(a) President and CEO.
(b) General Manager.
(c) Publicity Director.
(d) Human Resources Director.

6. How does the plastics industry fare in the 1970s?
(a) It grows fast.
(b) It almost falls through completely.
(c) One small flaw breaks the whole industry.
(d) Environmental concerns halt plastics production.

7. Who throws a huge party for Jack to introduce him to important people?
(a) Reg Jones.
(b) Bill Druckerman.
(c) The Harvard Alumni Association.
(d) Roy Johnson.

8. What does QMI stand for?
(a) Quick Market Intelligence.
(b) Quick Meaningful Intercommunication.
(c) Quick Market Insulators.
(d) Quick Market Interference.

9. What is GE's TV manufacturing business traded for?
(a) France's TV manufacturing market.
(b) Thomson's losing medical business.
(c) A cable TV network.
(d) A satellite business.

10. In addition to being self-confident, what else does Jack believe is a large part of leadership?
(a) Building self-confidence in others.
(b) Knowing how to get others to do what you want.
(c) Being able to relax.
(d) Winning at least 90 percent of the time.

11. How does Jack resolve the complaint of the employees who have trained at the GE learning center?
(a) By sending training manuals to all employees.
(b) Be developing the Work-Out program.
(c) By closing the facility.
(d) By building another gym for employees to work out their aggressions.

12. Who submits his resignation immediately after the announcement that Jack has been named CEO?
(a) Paolo Fresco.
(b) Reg Jones.
(c) Bill Druckerman.
(d) Roy Johnson.

13. Which company originally started the concept of QMI?
(a) General Electric.
(b) Ford.
(c) Wal-Mart.
(d) Chrysler.

14. Who does Jack succeed as CEO of General Electric?
(a) Jeff Immelt.
(b) Harry Drickman.
(c) Reg Jones.
(d) Roy Johnson.

15. What price does GE pay to purchase RCA?
(a) $3.6 billion.
(b) $3.6 million.
(c) $6.3 billion.
(d) $6.3 million.

Short Answer Questions

1. What nickname does the media pin on Jack?

2. Who is Jack's first professional mentor at GE?

3. What is the evaluation system that works well for several years, until employees find a way to "game" it?

4. What is Jack's "Vitality Curve"?

5. How old is Jack when he is promoted to a vice president for GE?

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