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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 11, The People Factory.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which American president called for volunteers to fill in where government's role had been reduced?
(a) George W. Bush.
(b) Harry Trumann.
(c) Ronald Regan.
(d) John Kennedy.

2. What is the response of Jack's boss when Jack complains about his first pay raise?
(a) He gets furious and fires him.
(b) He agrees and gives Jack more money.
(c) He is not sympathetic.
(d) He agrees and gives Jack a title, but not more money.

3. Which electrical insulator is deemed a hazardous material by the EPA?
(a) PCPs.
(b) PYTs.
(c) BBCs.
(d) BCBs.

4. What, according to Jack, is GE's core competency?
(a) People.
(b) Factories.
(c) Credit.
(d) Cash.

5. How does Jack illustrate his "No. 1 or No. 2, Fix, Sell or Close" strategy?
(a) With a time line.
(b) With a pyramid, top as the peak.
(c) With an inverted pyramid
(d) With overlapping circles.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which non-labor department does Jack expand at his plastics facility in the 1970s?

2. How do GE employees take Jack's view on the work environment?

3. What inspires Jack to pursue his Ph.D.?

4. Who greatly influences Jack's work ethic and fondness of current events?

5. Why is Jack dissatisfied with his first raise?

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