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Peabody, Massachusetts

Jack Welch was born here on November 19, 1935.

Salem, Massachusetts

Jack's parents buy their first house here, on 15 Lovett Street, in an Irish working-class section of town.

Pickering Grammar School

Jack's sweeping curve ball and good passing arm are discovered here.

Salem High School

Jack is captain of this hockey team.


This scholarship provides a free, four-year college scholarship to two of Jack's friends.

Dartmouth and Columbia Universities

Jack cannot attend these schools because of finances.


Jack earns his undergraduate degree in chemical engineering here.

University of Illinois at Champaign

Jack receives a fellowship to study chemical engineering here.

Pittsfield Massachusetts, a.k.a. the Pit

Plastics concepts are developed here in the 1960s.


This plastic was sold as a potential replacement for glass and metal as early as 1957.


This thermoplastic that withstands high temperatures with the potential to replace hot-water copper piping...

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