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Sonia Maasik
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was the cross-cultural issue faced by Feng Chen in his English composition class?
(a) He had to adapt new individualistic values due to English composition.
(b) He had to adapt new grammar requirements in his English composition class.
(c) He had to adapt new communication style in his English composition class.
(d) He had to adapt new style of writing due to English composition.

2. What is the latest example of the Elvis effect, according to Paul C. Taylor?
(a) Cultural appropriation of rap by whites.
(b) Copying the style of Elvis in Las Vegas.
(c) Impersonation of Elvis in pop music performances.
(d) Impact of Elvis on the music industry.

3. Which sports are linked to the working class, according to the textbook authors?
(a) Golf and tennis.
(b) Boxing and baseball.
(c) Golf and soccer.
(d) Golf and sailing

4. Fill-in the blank. Visual cues in a shop are meant for the following shopper: __________.
(a) Shopper in a wheel chair.
(b) Woman shopper.
(c) Fast walking shopper.
(d) Slow walking shopper.

5. Which company created the Barbie doll?
(a) Mattel.
(b) Fisher Price.
(c) Disney.
(d) Hasbro Toys.

6. What is theme marketing?
(a) Promotion of the company products using an advertising theme.
(b) Promotion of the company name as opposed to the individual products produced by the company.
(c) Marketing the company products using a story theme.
(d) Marketing the company products using a jingle.

7. What is the sign represented by cubicles in an office, according to Daphne Spain?
(a) Employee culture.
(b) Corporate structure.
(c) Open communication.
(d) Cooperative working.

8. What is an example of gender code?
(a) A gay man.
(b) An unmarried man.
(c) An unmarried woman.
(d) A lesbian woman.

9. How does Daphne Spain describe the workplace in the 90s in her essay "Spatial Segregation and Gender Stratification in the Workplace?"
(a) Most women worked in the open spaces of offices.
(b) Most women had contact with men and participated in the decision making process.
(c) Most women had a work space that had doors.
(d) Women and men worked in segregated workspaces.

10. What is the most American thing that he did, according to Kevin Jennings, the author of "American Dreams?"
(a) Achieving his American dream of a great job and comfortable life.
(b) Accepting his identity as a gay man.
(c) Accepting the equality of men and women.
(d) Achieving his American dream by becoming a home owner.

11. What does "I" signify, according to Fan Shen?
(a) English communication style.
(b) It stands for the individualistic culture.
(c) English language writing and communication.
(d) It stands for the identity.

12. What is an example of personal space code?
(a) Walking on the street.
(b) Riding a bike.
(c) Taking a bus ride.
(d) Hugging your friend.

13. Who expressed concern about a comic hero's sexual orientation?
(a) Pat Robertson.
(b) Rush Limbaugh
(c) Newt Gingrich.
(d) Frederic Wertham.

14. According to Benjamin DeMott, how does Hollywood portray the race relations between blacks and whites?
(a) Controversial.
(b) Caring.
(c) Friendly.
(d) Neutral.

15. What does American soccer mainly focus on, according to David Kamp in "America's Spaz-Time?"
(a) Winning and big money.
(b) Competition over fun.
(c) Fun over competition.
(d) Soccer moms and their time with children.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does "Gender Role Behaviors and Attitudes," by Holly Devor, claim?

2. Who is the cultural icon for American sliving in style, according to Mark Caldwell?

3. How do sports teams pay huge salaries to the top athletes?

4. What does wrestler Henry Jenkins posit about the message of wrestling?

5. What affects one's ability in math and science?

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