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Sonia Maasik
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How do sports teams pay huge salaries to the top athletes?
(a) By playing with popular rival teams.
(b) Through television contracts.
(c) By effectively marketing their games.
(d) By attracting huge crowds to attend the games and thus earning huge profits.

2. Which sports are the leisure activities of the upper class, according to the textbook authors?
(a) Golf and soccer.
(b) Golf and sailing
(c) Boxing and baseball.
(d) Golf and football.

3. According to the textbook authors, which TV show had a protagonist(s) that became popular role models for American women?
(a) Murphy Brown.
(b) Friends.
(c) Will and Grace.
(d) Sex and the City.

4. What does Bell Hooks write about in her essay "Baby?"
(a) How she enjoyed playing with dolls.
(b) Her preference for a white doll.
(c) How she disliked the brown dolls.
(d) Her choice of a brown doll just like her.

5. What is an example of personal space code?
(a) Riding a bike.
(b) Taking a bus ride.
(c) Hugging your friend.
(d) Walking on the street.

6. Fill-in the blank. According to Camilo Jose Vergara in "The Ghetto Cityscape," green ghettos are ___________.
(a) Inner city area public housing projects that focus on environmental justice.
(b) Inner city areas that are reclaimed by nature because of neglect or abandonment.
(c) Inner city area public housing projects that are increasingly focusing on green living.
(d) Inner city areas that provide car less commute to the residents.

7. Fill-in the blank. The rules for sports changed over time because _______________.
(a) People started taking sports seriously.
(b) Sports became a form of entertainment on television.
(c) More people started watching sports.
(d) More people started watching sports on weekends.

8. What is theme marketing?
(a) Promotion of the company name as opposed to the individual products produced by the company.
(b) Promotion of the company products using an advertising theme.
(c) Marketing the company products using a story theme.
(d) Marketing the company products using a jingle.

9. Who saw boxing as a way to achieve a better life, according to the textbook authors?
(a) Blacks.
(b) Immigrants.
(c) Asians.
(d) Whites.

10. According to the textbook authors, what is a common assumption people make about racism?
(a) There is no racism in American society anymore.
(b) Racism is all pervasive.
(c) Racism is confined to rural areas.
(d) Racism is confined to red states.

11. What does the essay "Disney World: Public Use/Private State," by Susan Willis, indicate?
(a) Disney World offers fantasy environment for children's use.
(b) Disney World offers fun and efficient environment for public use.
(c) Disney World offers programmed environment.
(d) Disney World offers fun environment for public use.

12. What does "I" signify, according to Fan Shen?
(a) It stands for the identity.
(b) English language writing and communication.
(c) English communication style.
(d) It stands for the individualistic culture.

13. Which of the following toys is mentioned by Gary Cross as the popular American hero figure in the chapter, "American Icons: The Myth Characters of Popular Culture Summary and Analysis?"
(a) Arthur.
(b) Barnie.
(c) Ken.
(d) GI Joe.

14. Fill-in the blank. Visual cues in a shop are meant for the following shopper: __________.
(a) Woman shopper.
(b) Shopper in a wheel chair.
(c) Fast walking shopper.
(d) Slow walking shopper.

15. According to the textbook authors, why was the T.V. show Sex and the City popular?
(a) It showed beautiful women professionals.
(b) It is full of glamour and fun.
(c) It challenged the gender codes.
(d) It starred Sarah Jessica Parker.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Daphne Spain describe the workplace in the 90s in her essay "Spatial Segregation and Gender Stratification in the Workplace?"

2. Who is one of the best and most world famous American cultural icons, according to Michael Eric Dyson?

3. What affects one's ability in math and science?

4. What does "Gender Role Behaviors and Attitudes," by Holly Devor, claim?

5. What does Malcolm Gladwell examine in "The Science of Shopping?"

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