Daily Lessons for Teaching Signs of Life in the U.S.A.

Sonia Maasik
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Daily Lessons

Objective: Introduction: Popular Signs Semiotic method involves analytic writing that first recognizes the signs of images or forms of behavior. The objective of this lesson is to recognize some of the signs of popular culture in American life.

1) Tasks, ideas and homework

1. Reflective writing: Warm-up activity

This activity is a warm-up activity that jump starts students' critical thinking about the lessons on semiotic interpretation of popular culture.

At the beginning of the class, ask the class to name their favorite activities and things such as Facebook, TV shows, sports, books, music, etc. Ask them to write a paragraph explaining how they made their choices and how popular their favorite activities and things are among their peers.

2. Popular culture - group activity

This activity may follow after introduction and overview of the book (or the chapters chosen by the teacher as the class curriculum). Overview may cover various...

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