Pour Your Heart Into It Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Howard Schultz
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Part 1, Imagination, Dreams and Humble Origins; and A Strong Legacy Makes You Sustainable for the Future

• Howard Schultz begins life in the projects of Brooklyn, New York while dreaming of a brighter future.
• Howard has conflicting feelings about his father, who does not take risks and works at low paying jobs.
• After graduating from college with a communications degree, Howard works sales jobs for Xerox and Hammarplast, where he discovers a small company called Starbucks.

Part 1, To Italians, Espresso Is Like an Aria and Luck is the Residue of Design

• After a year of negotiating, Howard takes a large cut in salary in order to move to Seattle and work for Starbucks.
• While at Starbucks, Howard works to learn as much as possible and correct the arrogant attitudes of the employees.
• A trip to Italy inspires Howard with the idea of opening cafes that serve espresso, but when...

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