McDonald's: Behind the Arches Fun Activities

John F. Love
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Play a game of Jeopardy using quotes and events from McDonald's: Behind the Arches.

Research the Author

Have each student research the author, John F. Love, of McDonald's: Behind the Arches and write a short summary of his previous works in relationship to this one.

Dress Up

Have each student dress up as their favorite person from the text. Encourage them to get creative: it could be a McDonald's employee, one of the CEO's or even Ronald, himself.

Divide the class into groups and have them create a word search of names, places, and events from the text. Then switch with another group and solve the word search.


Have each student go to their local McDonald's and interview the manager on duty or even another employee about their jobs and what their role in the McDonald's industry is.

Field Trip

Take a field trip...

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