McDonald's: Behind the Arches Character Descriptions

John F. Love
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Richard and Maurice McDonald

These brothers opened the first McDonald's in San Bernardino, California, in 1940. Over the next few years, the men experimented with fast-food production, eventually producing the assembly-line style of fast-food.

Ray A. Kroc

This individual promoted the Multimixer and through its promotion, he met the original brothers who founded McDonald's.

Fred Turner

This person was Kroc's protege and the second chairman and CEO of the McDonald's corporation.

Jim Schindler

This individual was the head of McDonald's engineering and design division.

June Martino

A bookkeeper in 1948, this person rose to be the Corporate Secretary, Treasurer, Director and part-owner of McDonald's corporation.

Harry Sonneborn

This person was the financial wizard behind McDonald's who figured out how to finance McDonald's expansion through real estate.

Richard Boylan

This personality opposite was a financial adviser to McDonald's founders.


These are families or individuals who buy the rights to run...

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