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Short Answer Questions

1. In regards to baseball, Kroc tried to make attending the games:

2. Why did McDonalds have low volume in California?

3. Even though McDonald business were booming and the company was showing a profit, they faced the problem of:

4. Kroc fulfilled one of his dreams on March 8, 1969 when he:

5. What problem was unique to California suppliers?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why didn't Kroc make Fred Turner president right after Harry resigned? Why did he want the position himself for one year?

2. How did Kroc handle in management duties in 1963?

3. Why does Harry Sonnenburn resign the first time?

4. How did Kroc view the price increase?

5. Why did Kroc decide to buyout the McDonald brothers?

6. Why does Kroc describe the introduction of new menu items as examples of capitalism in action?

7. What is Kroc's philosophy regarding money?

8. What did Kroc do when the McDonald brothers refused to sell their original San Bernadino location?

9. When Kroc meets Joni Smith, what does he want her to do?

10. Why was McDonald's considering going public?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Ray Kroc went from being Danny Daydreamer to being a multimillionaire. In what ways does McDonald reflect Kroc's dreams and philosophies even though it took its toll on his personal life? Is there a value to being a dreamer?

Essay Topic 2

After Harry's resignation, Kroc stayed on as president to implement changes that he felt had to be made. Explain what two of these changes were and why they were made. How did they help prepare McDonald's for the future?

Essay Topic 3

The Kroc Foundation had made many charitable contributions to many causes. What is the benefit of a foundation? Why was Kroc at first opposed to establishing one? What made him change his mind?

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