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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The new design of McDonald buildings included:
(a) Parking lot services.
(b) Table services.
(c) Seating room.
(d) No golden arches.

2. The problems McDonald's eliminated by switching to frozen french fried included all but:
(a) Blanching the potatoes.
(b) Lifting nine hundred pound bags of potatoes.
(c) Peeling potatoes.
(d) Using square boxes.

3. What new rule was made because of Kroc's action at the first home game?
(a) Only players and game officals can be on the field.
(b) A limit on the number of promotions.
(c) The park must be landscaped according to league requirements.
(d) Only the official announcer can use the public address system.

4. What did Kroc do at the first home game of the 1974 season?
(a) He fired the team manager.
(b) He used the public address system to berate the players for a poor performance.
(c) He promised the fans a winning season.
(d) He offered free concession to all attendees.

5. In exchange for the loan, McDonald's would:
(a) Pay .5% of gross sales for three periods.
(b) Change their mangement policies.
(c) Give the group a seat on the board.
(d) Yield managerial control until the loan is repaid.

Short Answer Questions

1. After Harry left McDonalds, he:

2. In granting franchises, McDonald gives preference to:

3. In regards to baseball, Kroc tried to make attending the games:

4. How many regions did McDonalds plan to establish?

5. What term does Kroc use to describe new product development?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who was Jane Dobbins Green?

2. After Fred Turner became president, what functions did Kroc perform for McDonald's?

3. Why did McDonald's introduce the Filet-O-Fish sandwich?

4. What resulted in the Sonnenburn camp and the Kroc camp?

5. What is Kroc's philosophy regarding money?

6. Why did Kroc decide to buyout the McDonald brothers?

7. Why does Harry Sonnenburn resign the first time?

8. How was the buyout of the McDonald brothers financed?

9. Why did Kroc purchase professional sports teams?

10. What did Kroc do when the McDonald brothers refused to sell their original San Bernadino location?

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