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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In response to being informed of a ten percent pay cut by Lily during the Depression, Kroc did all of the following:
(a) Said he was insulted.
(b) Accepted it.
(c) Took four days off.
(d) Threatened to quit.

2. What function did Clem Bohr fulfill?
(a) Develop a purchasing system.
(b) Develop a financing program.
(c) Train new employeers.
(d) Finding ideal locations for McDonald's restaurants in different parts of the country.

3. Who did Ray pattern himself after at the age of seventeen?
(a) Humphrey Bogart.
(b) Clark Gable.
(c) Rudolph Valentino.
(d) Spencer Tracy.

4. Where was the first McOpCo Store?
(a) Peoria, Illinois.
(b) Torrence, California.
(c) Columbus, Ohio.
(d) San Diego, California.

5. When did the Des Plaines McDonald's open?
(a) Summer, 1955.
(b) January, 1956.
(c) January 1, 1955.
(d) April 15, 1955.

6. What was Kroc's net worth in 1959?
(a) $90,000.
(b) $250,000.
(c) $100,000.
(d) $50,000.

7. Who were the early McDonald franchises sold to?
(a) Lily Tulip customers.
(b) Existing restaurants.
(c) Prince Castle.
(d) Kroc's golfing friends.

8. Who did Kroc used to work for?
(a) Ford Motor Company.
(b) Hoover Company.
(c) Lily Tulip Cup Company.
(d) The state of California.

9. Why was Kroc impressed with the french fries?
(a) He wasn't impressed by the french fries.
(b) They were cooked in oil that wasn't used for anything but french fries.
(c) They were cheap.
(d) They came frozen in packages.

10. What concept did Kroc promote when selling paper cups?
(a) Lower breakage.
(b) Less clean-up.
(c) Carry-out business.
(d) Lower staffing.

11. Who did Kroc recommend to open restaurants for them?
(a) His employer.
(b) They had no recommendations.
(c) They hire a manager.
(d) Kroc himself.

12. What was the purpose of the Franchise Realty Corporation?
(a) To sell restaurants.
(b) To sell franchises.
(c) To provide a slush fund for the franchises.
(d) To handle the franchise real estate end of the franchising.

13. How did Kroc resolve the problem of the french fries?
(a) By changing the ingredients.
(b) By double frying them.
(c) By changing the brand of oil.
(d) He couln't duplicate the fries of the San Bernardino location.

14. Who invented the Multimixer?
(a) Earl Prince.
(b) Ray Kroc.
(c) John Clark.
(d) Bill Veeck.

15. The One-In-a-Million was:
(a) A new mixing machine.
(b) A sales course.
(c) A Prince Castle milk shake.
(d) Kroc's sales strategy.

Short Answer Questions

1. Kroc and his advisors wanted McDonald's to be known:

2. What word does Kroc use to describe Ethel's reaction to his new venture?

3. Where did Kroc locate his first franchise?

4. In high school, Ray worked at:

5. Dick Boylan and Bob Ryan secured jobs with McDonalds because of their:

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