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San Bernardino

This is the location of the first McDonald's restaurant.

Tulip Corp

This was the first company for which Ray Kroc worked selling paper cups of varying sizes.


This was an invention that made colder, smoother, and less caloric milkshakes. It started with six spindles, then later evolved to having only five. It was the product that introduced Kroc to the McDonald brothers and their quaint, but successful, restaurant in San Bernardino, CA.

McDonald's French Fries

They were the item that McDonald brothers were well known for. Part of the process for making them included housing them outside, where the desert air could cure them.

McDonald's Buns

They were first made to perfection by Mary Ann Baking Company.

Hamburger University

A school that Luigi Salvaneschi helped create where operators and workers were taught about the standard procedures for working at a McDonald's.


This is the...

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