Grinding It Out Character Descriptions

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Ray Kroc

This person is the narrator of the book and the founder of McDonald's.

Harry Sonneborn

This person came into Ray's office soliciting a job and eventually shared decision-making duties with Kroc in McDonald's.

June Martino

This person was initially Ray Kroc's personal secretary when they were just selling Multimixers and became an official at McDonald's.

McDonald Brothers

These people were the creators of the first McDonald's restaurant in San Bernardino.

Fred Turner

This person was hired to be the operations manager and became Kroc's successor.

Marshall Reed

This person was the secretary that Ray hired when they were a salesman at Lily. This person needed someone that would not only take messages and write letters, but someone that could take the reigns if they needed a break.

Paul Schrage

This person was hired to head the advertising and promotion department, which they turned into the Operators...

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