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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Seinfeld say a man is buried in when he dies?
(a) His suit
(b) His tracksuit
(c) His pajamas
(d) His baseball shirt

2. What are men interested in doing to their hair?
(a) Removing it
(b) Shaving it
(c) Transplanting it
(d) Growing it

3. What does Seinfeld say seems to have very active social lives?
(a) Ventriloquist dummies
(b) Comedians
(c) Writers
(d) Super heroes

4. What does Seinfeld like to pretend he is when he is talking to a friend he does not like?
(a) A talkshow host
(b) A social worker
(c) A comedian
(d) A counselor

5. What kind of stores does Seinfeld think are overpriced?
(a) Hotel stores
(b) Diamond stores
(c) Theme park stores
(d) Airport stores

6. What is the title of the first section of this chapter?
(a) Fun, Fun, Fun
(b) Look, Up in the Air
(c) Is it a Bird?
(d) On the Ground

7. What does Seinfeld believe does not exist?
(a) Dishwashers
(b) Aliens
(c) Dry cleaning
(d) Nice people

8. What did Seinfeld's friend just have?
(a) A birthday
(b) A baptism
(c) A christening
(d) A baby

9. What is the third section of this chapter called?
(a) Favors
(b) Loving the hard way
(c) The gift of friendship
(d) Don't ask me for anything

10. Why do limos confuse Seinfeld?
(a) Their windows are tinted
(b) They are too long
(c) You never see anyone get in or out
(d) They always go too slowly

11. What does Seinfeld wonder if there are keys to?
(a) A helicopter
(b) A plane
(c) A fighter jet
(d) A ferry

12. What does Seinfeld say is the one thing that is appealing about smoking?
(a) Buying cigarettes
(b) Fire
(c) Relaxation
(d) Smoke

13. What does Seinfeld think a woman has to like about the man she is dating?
(a) His humor
(b) His clothes
(c) His job
(d) His wallet

14. What does Seinfeld think is funny?
(a) Exercise
(b) Drinking
(c) His humor
(d) Smoking

15. Why does Seinfeld think that all men are homophobes?
(a) They don't understand them
(b) They are suggestible
(c) They don't like themselves
(d) They are scared

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Seinfeld say it is hard to do favors for people?

2. Why do Seinfeld's friends presume he is gay?

3. What does the little man at the terminal tell people how to do?

4. Which of the following cars does Seinfeld talk about in this chapter?

5. What does Seinfeld think a flight attendant should never do?

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