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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Seinfeld's friend just have?
(a) A baby
(b) A baptism
(c) A birthday
(d) A christening

2. What does Seinfeld picture when he hears the word nightcap?
(a) A hat
(b) Beer
(c) Sex
(d) A gown

3. Which of the following is not an example of a bad gift?
(a) Ashtray
(b) Gift certificate
(c) Paper weight
(d) Shower radio

4. Who used to be sacrificed in volcanoes?
(a) Husbands
(b) Cheating wives
(c) Virgins
(d) Witches

5. Why is Seinfeld disappointed when someone answers the phone?
(a) He never knows what to say
(b) He like answering machines
(c) He is usually talking to another friend
(d) He like ringtones

6. What of the following does Seinfeld list as a small thing on a plane?
(a) Food
(b) Delays
(c) Seats
(d) TV screen

7. What does Seinfeld think there should always be a rule book for?
(a) Conversation
(b) Dating
(c) Sex
(d) Babies

8. Why is Seinfeld always nervous when he drives to the airport?
(a) He may have forgotten something
(b) He may miss his flight
(c) He may crash
(d) He may have to pick up a strange hitchhiker

9. What is the title of this chapter?
(a) The gift of friendship
(b) The male code
(c) Paldom
(d) Getting the message

10. What kind of surgery does Seinfeld say he has never had?
(a) Teeth
(b) Plastic
(c) Tonsils
(d) Heart

11. What is Seinfeld still too self-conscious to buy?
(a) Condoms
(b) Dildos
(c) Hashish
(d) Beer

12. What does Seinfeld say there is a large industry of?
(a) Children's books
(b) Tasteless food
(c) Bad gifts
(d) Poor beer

13. What does Seinfeld observe men often act like?
(a) Sperm
(b) Saliva
(c) Testicles
(d) Snot

14. What does Seinfeld think it is unnatural for people to do?
(a) Fly
(b) Drive
(c) Swim
(d) Cycle

15. Where does Seinfeld think it is stupid to take your date?
(a) To a zoo
(b) To the movies
(c) To a park
(d) To dinner

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Seinfeld say a man is buried in when he dies?

2. Why does Seinfeld think it is funny that people lock up their dirty clothes?

3. What does Seinfeld like to pretend he is when he is talking to a friend he does not like?

4. What does Seinfeld say is the one thing that is appealing about smoking?

5. Why does Seinfeld think it is funny to get into shape?

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