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Comedy Sketch

Divide into groups of four and develop your own comedy sketch. Vote on which sketch you think is the best one.

Top Ten Ten Comedians

Write your top ten American comedians.

Seinfeld's Ideas

Develop one of Seinfeld's ideas into a scene for a sitcom.

Making Someone Laugh

Divide into pairs. Each pair should take turns to make each laugh. The person who makes their partner laugh in the fastest time wins. Play the best of three.

Top Ten Pet Hates

Write your top ten pet hates and the reasons why you have included each one on your list.

Family Life

Write a funny story about your family life.

The Funniest Joke

Research what you think is the funniest joke you can find and present the joke to the class to see which joke gets the most laughs


Keep a journal of the funny things that...

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