Glengarry, Glen Ross Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Describe Shelly Levene.

Shelly Levene was once a prolific salesman of the Chicago area. By his estimation, he pulled in hundreds of thousands of dollars for Mitch and Murray. Now in his fifties, Shelly has hit a losing streak, failing to close a sale in months. He is the bottom rung of the sales ladder, now, and looking at his possible termination.

2. What competitive sales situation has Williamson created in the office?

Details of the infamous sales contest that ends on the thirtieth are scarce. What is certain is that the bottom-selling salesman - currently Levene - is going to be fired.

3. Why can Levene not get his hands on the premium Glengarry Highland's leads?

Williamson is currently giving the premium Glengarry leads to Roma alone, the top salesman in the office, and occasionally Moss, who is number 2. Williamson has been directed by corporate only to give these leads to salesmen selling over fifty percent. Levene is nowhere near this mark.

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