Glengarry, Glen Ross Fun Activities

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A Contest

Before the class begins reading the play, propose a sort of contest to the class that pitches them against each other. For example: the highest scorer on the first quiz is exempt from the rest of them, and the 3 lowest will receive a ten-point deduction from future quizzes. After a day, discuss with the class what they felt about the competition.

The Office

In the real estate office of Act 2, Mamet has created a claustrophobic capitalist prison. Have the class draw a rendering of the office that they would build if they were putting on a production of this play.

A Days of Salesmen

Spend a class period watching films that deal with men and women in competition for commissions (for example: Boiler Room, Tin Men, Wall Street). Discuss with the class what these movies have in common.

Casting a Production

Glengarry Glen Ross is one...

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