Glengarry, Glen Ross Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Act 1, Scene 1

• Levene and Williamson have lunch together at the Chinese restaurant.

• Williamson explains why he cannot give Levene the premium leads.

• Levene protests that he was once the best salesman in the office.

• Levene offers to give Williamson a percentage of his commission.

• Williamson negotiates for additional money.

• Levene and Williamson come to an agreement on two premium leads.

• Levene does not have the money for the up-front fee.

• Williamson walks out on Levene.

Act 1, Scene 2

• Moss and Aaronow have dinner together.

• Moss tries to reassure Aaronow that his career is not over.

• Moss complains that Mitch and Murray have enslaved the salesmen.

• Moss tells Aaronow about how well Jerry Graff is doing.

• Moss suggests that the someone should steal the premium leads from the office and sell them to Graff.

• Moss tells Aaronow that he needs to steal the leads tonight.

• Aaronow refuses to steal the...

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