Objects & Places from Thinking, Fast and Slow

Daniel Kahneman
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Muller-Lyer Illusion

This famous representation demonstrates how the eye can trick the mind.

Invisible Gorilla

This figure appears in a book by Christopher David and Daniel Simons, appearing briefly in a short video presented to subjects.

"Hedgehog and the Fox"

This essay on Tolstoy by Isaiah Berlin describes experts who will not admit to error and are caught up in their own brilliance.

The Love Canal

This environmental accident in 1979 received enough media attention that the residents of the area were relocated by the government.

The Alar Scare

This incident arose in 1989 when media speculation concluded that chemicals used on apples caused cancer in rats and mice.

The Indifference Curve

This term refers to a graph that compares two entities that are equally desirable and share the same utility.

Pupil Dilations

This phenomenon is supplied as proof that there is a physical reaction to System 2.

Intuitive Predictions


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