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Janis Abrahms Spring
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. If one of their parents was unfaithful, a person will most likely exhibit which behavior?
(a) Seek out a partner who will commit equally.
(b) Refuse to enter a relationship.
(c) Avoid an affair at all cost.
(d) Become an unfaithful partner in their marriage.

2. Chapter seven is divided into sections based on which two skills?
(a) Talking and listening.
(b) Forgiving and forgetting.
(c) Acknowledging and accepting.
(d) Communicating and understanding.

3. A graph is provided for couples to chart behaviors that can be preformed in which timeframe?
(a) Eventually.
(b) Immediately.
(c) Step-by-step.
(d) Exponentially.

4. How should behaviors that detract from trust be addressed?
(a) They should be ignored.
(b) They should be embraced.
(c) They should be analyzed.
(d) They should be eliminated.

5. How should children connect with others?
(a) Cognitively.
(b) Emotionally.
(c) Mentally.
(d) Physically.

6. According to scientific studies and contrary to conventional beliefs, how is forgiveness viewed for the individual?
(a) Important for mental stability.
(b) Difficult to achieve.
(c) Not always good for them.
(d) Necessary for emotional healing.

7. Future affairs will not be likely to occur if which action is taken?
(a) The reasons for the affair are discussed with the lover.
(b) The unfaithful partner changes careers.
(c) The hurt partner works to regain self-esteem.
(d) The underlying causes are examined and corrected.

8. For communication to occur in the marriage, what must happen with the lover?
(a) The hurt partner must accept the lover.
(b) The unfaithful partner mus understand their attraction to the lover.
(c) The unfaithful partner must end the relationship with the lover.
(d) The hurt partner must confront the lover.

9. The majority of the blame for an affair belongs to whom?
(a) The hurt partner.
(b) Both partners.
(c) The lover.
(d) The unfaithful partner.

10. If forgiveness is offered too quickly, how can it affect the individual?
(a) It can deepen the pain of the affair.
(b) It can damage their self-esteem.
(c) It can trigger childhood memories.
(d) It can affect their personal identity.

11. Adults who lack self-discipline often did not have which childhood experience?
(a) Love from their parents shown.
(b) Realistic boundaries enforced.
(c) Consequences for their actions explained.
(d) Freedom to explore new ideas granted.

12. Some people refuse to acknowledge which action by their partner?
(a) Heartfelt apologies for the affair.
(b) Recommitment to the marriage.
(c) Efforts made to discuss the betrayal.
(d) Sincere progress towards change.

13. What does the first part of chapter six focus on?
(a) Reasons why a partner is untrustworthy.
(b) Methods to change behavior.
(c) Overcoming resistance to change.
(d) How to control the unfaithful partner.

14. A list is provided in Chapter 8 to help people understand the common areas of shame associated with which of the following?
(a) Their fantasies.
(b) Their desires.
(c) Their bodies.
(d) Their expectations.

15. Behaviors that build trust are divided in the book into two categories based on which factor?
(a) Effectiveness.
(b) Cost.
(c) Ease.
(d) Productivity.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why are many individuals prevented from forgiving?

2. How is masturbation viewed by the text?

3. Women desire what type of support in communication?

4. How does the book view sex tools?

5. Which term is used to describe the refusal of one partner to discuss the affair?

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