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Janis Abrahms Spring
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The feeling of romantic love can lead the unfaithful partner to take which action?
(a) Choose the lover over the hurt partner.
(b) Begin a new affair with another lover.
(c) Continue the affair after recommiting to the partner.
(d) Decide not to disclose the affair.

2. The book urges readers to take an inventory of which aspect of their lives?
(a) Promises made during wedding vows.
(b) Dreams and goals for the future.
(c) Conservations had about faithfulness.
(d) Personal desires and beliefs.

3. Why does an affair need to be understood?
(a) The hurt partner may never forget.
(b) The lover may not leave the relationship.
(c) It may affect the children too deeply.
(d) It could be the end of the relationship.

4. When some hurt partners discover the affair, they feel an emotional toll equal or greater to which event?
(a) Being fired from a job.
(b) Getting into a car accident.
(c) Losing a child.
(d) Being raped.

5. Unrealistic expectations are often the result of which experiences?
(a) Unfulfilled dreams.
(b) Gender-based.
(c) Childhood.
(d) Previous relationships.

6. Which term does the book use to describe the partner who is involved in the affair?
(a) Lover.
(b) Victim.
(c) Betrayed.
(d) Unfaithful.

7. If a partner exhibits signs of change, how could the other partner view this change?
(a) As temporary and only for show.
(b) As deserved and needed.
(c) As insincere and untrue.
(d) As heartfelt and lasting.

8. How do children typically respond to the unfaithful partner?
(a) With anger.
(b) With fear.
(c) With compassion.
(d) With acceptance.

9. Warning signs that the unfaithful partner is likely to pursue future affairs include which behavior?
(a) An inability to emphathize with the hurt partner.
(b) A lack of communication about their whereabouts.
(c) A tendency to distance themselves from the children.
(d) A pattern of staying late after work.

10. Why would the hurt partner feel as if they are disposable?
(a) They regret the time lost with their partner.
(b) They compare themselves to the lover.
(c) They cannot accurately express their emotions.
(d) They lose the sense of being special.

11. According to Chapter 3, how should irrational or erroneous thoughts should be treated?
(a) Ignored.
(b) Reconsidered.
(c) Abadoned.
(d) Trusted.

12. How do women usually react to the discovery of an affair?
(a) They turn to girlfriends and family for support.
(b) They ignore the explanations of their partner.
(c) They try to forget about the realities of the affair.
(d) They attempt to keep their relationship going.

13. When an unfaithful partner returns to find their marriage damaged, they often feel which emotion?
(a) Hopelessness.
(b) Guilt.
(c) Rejected.
(d) Sad.

14. Why does the author deliberately chose particular words and phrases to use in the book?
(a) To help the couple speak openly about their problems.
(b) To eliminate stereotypes about infidelity.
(c) To avoid emotionally charged labels.
(d) To create a new language for the partners.

15. After closer examination, the rationalizations used by the unfaithful partner to justify the affair often can be described in which way?
(a) Biased.
(b) Illogical.
(c) Unsustainable.
(d) Valid.

Short Answer Questions

1. Negative and destructive thoughts are linked to which psychological effect suffered by the hurt partner?

2. The bulk of the book is dedicated to which topic?

3. An affair, as described by the book, may not always include which behavior?

4. The introduction addresses which of these questions?

5. The euphoria felt from the affair can be attributed to which reality?

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