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Janis Abrahms Spring
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When friends and family withdraw from the unfaithful partner, who can provide a temporary substitute?
(a) The lover.
(b) Religous leaders.
(c) Professional therapists.
(d) Work colleagues.

2. A loss of sense of purpose can lead to which outcome for the hurt partner?
(a) Suicidal thoughts.
(b) Wanting a divorce.
(c) Withdrawing sexually.
(d) Taking the children.

3. The unfaithful partner may experience physical changes from romantic love that can be expected to last how long?
(a) Throughout the affair.
(b) The rest of their life.
(c) When they're with their lover.
(d) A short time.

4. The most fundamental situation faced by the partners in a marriage post-affair is which of the following?
(a) How to trust again.
(b) How to forgive and forget.
(c) How to recommit to the marriage.
(d) How to regain sexual intimacy.

5. Warning signs that the unfaithful partner is likely to pursue future affairs include which behavior?
(a) A pattern of staying late after work.
(b) An inability to emphathize with the hurt partner.
(c) A lack of communication about their whereabouts.
(d) A tendency to distance themselves from the children.

6. An unfaithful partner may experience which emotion after leaving the lover?
(a) Despair.
(b) Resentment.
(c) Guilt.
(d) Anger.

7. Although many hurt partners feel that 'good things happen to good people,' how does the discovery of the affair affect this sentiment?
(a) They become aware their partner is not a good person.
(b) They hold tightly to the idea that good things will come their way.
(c) They believe they did something wrong to bring on the affair.
(d) They must abandon their common, fundamental beliefs.

8. What is the fundamental difference between the hurt and unfaithful partners' reactions to the affair?
(a) The personal identity of the hurt partner may be unaffected.
(b) The sense of self of the unfaithful partner may have benefited.
(c) The relgious beliefs of the unfaithful partner may be devastated.
(d) The sense of self-respect of the hurt partner may be strengthened.

9. A formal announcement by the partners should be made at which stage?
(a) After learning about the affair.
(b) After deciding to divorce.
(c) After recommitting to the relationship.
(d) After working on the relationship for a period of time.

10. The negative reactions of friends and family can enhance which feeling for the unfaithful partner?
(a) Jealousy.
(b) Anger.
(c) Shame.
(d) Self-disgust.

11. If a couple does not adequately communicate their desires and needs, they may begin to view each other in which way?
(a) Detached.
(b) Dissimilar.
(c) Judgmental.
(d) Unsupportive.

12. Connecting with friends and family in the wake of an affair is perceived how by the hurt partner?
(a) Tenuous and slow.
(b) Easy and necessary.
(c) Difficult and painful.
(d) Instant and deep.

13. Why does an affair need to be understood?
(a) It may affect the children too deeply.
(b) It could be the end of the relationship.
(c) The hurt partner may never forget.
(d) The lover may not leave the relationship.

14. How do children typically respond to the unfaithful partner?
(a) With compassion.
(b) With fear.
(c) With anger.
(d) With acceptance.

15. How is the religious faith of hurt partners affected after an affair?
(a) They reject the sacredness of marriage.
(b) They find solace in church.
(c) They blame God for their suffering.
(d) They convert to a different religion.

Short Answer Questions

1. The feeling of romantic love can lead the unfaithful partner to take which action?

2. Who is the book's secondary audience?

3. The book urges readers to take an inventory of which aspect of their lives?

4. When the affair is discovered, what is the typical reaction of the unfaithful partner?

5. How do unfaithful partners typically manage their anxiety?

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