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Janis Abrahms Spring
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 7 - How to Talk About What Happened.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. An individual could mistakenly assume that listening gives their partner freedom to act with which emotion?
(a) Jeaousy.
(b) Rage.
(c) Fear.
(d) Blame.

2. If a partner exhibits signs of change, how could the other partner view this change?
(a) As insincere and untrue.
(b) As temporary and only for show.
(c) As heartfelt and lasting.
(d) As deserved and needed.

3. A hurt partner may believe their unfaithful partner is intentionally trying to achieve which task instead of changing for good?
(a) Cheat.
(b) Betrayal.
(c) Deception.
(d) Adultery.

4. What does the first part of chapter six focus on?
(a) Reasons why a partner is untrustworthy.
(b) Methods to change behavior.
(c) How to control the unfaithful partner.
(d) Overcoming resistance to change.

5. On what are relationships based?
(a) Trust and love.
(b) Family and commitment.
(c) Common goals and desires.
(d) Respect and friendship.

Short Answer Questions

1. The responsibility for the shortcomings in a marriage belongs to whom?

2. Partners may feel that it is unacceptable to take which action?

3. When does the hurt partner mistakenly believe that the unfaithful partner must accomplish their personal change?

4. How does chapter number 1 conclude?

5. How is the religious faith of hurt partners affected after an affair?

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