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Janis Abrahms Spring
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4 - Confronting Your Doubts and Fears.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Relationships can be repaired if both partners react in which way?
(a) With desire to keep their family together at all costs.
(b) With acknowledgement of the level of damage from the affair.
(c) With willingness to work at the relationship.
(d) With acceptance and forgiveness for the affair.

2. Warning signs that the unfaithful partner is likely to pursue future affairs include which behavior?
(a) A tendency to distance themselves from the children.
(b) A pattern of staying late after work.
(c) An inability to emphathize with the hurt partner.
(d) A lack of communication about their whereabouts.

3. If a couple does not adequately communicate their desires and needs, they may begin to view each other in which way?
(a) Judgmental.
(b) Unsupportive.
(c) Detached.
(d) Dissimilar.

4. Why does the author deliberately chose particular words and phrases to use in the book?
(a) To eliminate stereotypes about infidelity.
(b) To help the couple speak openly about their problems.
(c) To avoid emotionally charged labels.
(d) To create a new language for the partners.

5. Why does an affair need to be understood?
(a) The hurt partner may never forget.
(b) The lover may not leave the relationship.
(c) It could be the end of the relationship.
(d) It may affect the children too deeply.

Short Answer Questions

1. As relationships grow, they move into a stage of which type of love?

2. The stage of disenchantment in a relationship can be described with which term?

3. On what are relationships based?

4. The unfaithful partner may experience physical changes from romantic love that can be expected to last how long?

5. Why would the hurt partner feel as if they are disposable?

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