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Janis Abrahms Spring
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4 - Confronting Your Doubts and Fears.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Although many hurt partners feel that 'good things happen to good people,' how does the discovery of the affair affect this sentiment?
(a) They believe they did something wrong to bring on the affair.
(b) They hold tightly to the idea that good things will come their way.
(c) They become aware their partner is not a good person.
(d) They must abandon their common, fundamental beliefs.

2. When some hurt partners discover the affair, they feel an emotional toll equal or greater to which event?
(a) Being fired from a job.
(b) Losing a child.
(c) Being raped.
(d) Getting into a car accident.

3. The bulk of the book is dedicated to which topic?
(a) Healing after an affair.
(b) Understanding childhood experiences.
(c) Accepting the lover as an equal.
(d) Forgiving the unfaithful partner.

4. If the hurt partner chooses to remain with the unfaithful partner even though the relationship is dysfunctional, which term described this type of love?
(a) Unforgiveable.
(b) Unbelievable.
(c) Unrequited.
(d) Unjustified.

5. Using mental time projection will help the partners accomplish which task?
(a) Focus on the rebuilding process.
(b) Let go of past infidelities.
(c) Rekindle their sexual intimacy.
(d) Forgive the unfaithful partner.

Short Answer Questions

1. A formal announcement by the partners should be made at which stage?

2. The person involved in the relationship, but who is not one of the married partners, is termed which of the following?

3. The stage of disenchantment in a relationship can be described with which term?

4. Both partners should listen in which way?

5. How many psychological effects on the hurt partner, which occur after the discovery of an affair, does the book address?

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