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Janis Abrahms Spring
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 2 - The Unfaithful Partner's Response: Lost in a Labyrinth of Choices.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Men distract themselves with external events when dealing with an unfaithful partner while women react in which way?
(a) Obsess over the relationship.
(b) Confront the lover.
(c) Plan a retreat to discuss the affair.
(d) Disengage from the marriage.

2. The overall length of the introduction can be described with which term?
(a) Lengthy.
(b) Varies by edition.
(c) Brief.
(d) Non-existent.

3. Inadequacy in the relationship is felt by whom?
(a) Both male and female hurt partners.
(b) Male hurt partners.
(c) Female hurt partners.
(d) Neither of the hurt partners.

4. Negative and destructive thoughts are linked to which psychological effect suffered by the hurt partner?
(a) Loss of connection with others.
(b) Loss of religious faith.
(c) Loss of personal identity.
(d) Loss of control over mind and body.

5. If a hurt partner attempts to win back the unfaithful partner, what is the psychological effect on the hurt partner?
(a) They lose their will to try in the relationship.
(b) They lose their sense of self-respect.
(c) They are devastated by the affair.
(d) They are angry at the lover.

Short Answer Questions

1. What must occur with the deeper issues felt by the unfaithful partner?

2. What is the fundamental difference between the hurt and unfaithful partners' reactions to the affair?

3. When the affair is discovered, what is the typical reaction of the unfaithful partner?

4. How do women usually react to the discovery of an affair?

5. The person involved in the relationship, but who is not one of the married partners, is termed which of the following?

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