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Janis Abrahms Spring
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 1 - The Hurt Partner's Response: Buried in an Avalanche of Losses.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why would the hurt partner feel as if they are disposable?
(a) They lose the sense of being special.
(b) They regret the time lost with their partner.
(c) They cannot accurately express their emotions.
(d) They compare themselves to the lover.

2. Connecting with friends and family in the wake of an affair is perceived how by the hurt partner?
(a) Difficult and painful.
(b) Tenuous and slow.
(c) Easy and necessary.
(d) Instant and deep.

3. How is the religious faith of hurt partners affected after an affair?
(a) They find solace in church.
(b) They convert to a different religion.
(c) They blame God for their suffering.
(d) They reject the sacredness of marriage.

4. Why does the author deliberately chose particular words and phrases to use in the book?
(a) To help the couple speak openly about their problems.
(b) To eliminate stereotypes about infidelity.
(c) To avoid emotionally charged labels.
(d) To create a new language for the partners.

5. Inadequacy in the relationship is felt by whom?
(a) Female hurt partners.
(b) Neither of the hurt partners.
(c) Both male and female hurt partners.
(d) Male hurt partners.

Short Answer Questions

1. How many stages is post-affair healing divided into?

2. What is the first step in post-affair healing?

3. Men distract themselves with external events when dealing with an unfaithful partner while women react in which way?

4. After an affair is discovered, how is the personal identity of hurt partner affected?

5. A person contemplating an extramarital affair will most likely view this book in which way?

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