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Janis Abrahms Spring
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 6 - Restoring Trust.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Avoiding change results from which type of block experienced by the person?
(a) Cognitive.
(b) Relational.
(c) Emotional.
(d) Physical.

2. When hurt partners engage in obsession behaviors, how is this related to the discovery of the affair?
(a) The behaviors are attempts to get the attention of the unfaithful partner.
(b) The behaviors are attempts to remember life before the relationship.
(c) The behaviors are attempts to dull pain and reduce anxiety.
(d) The behaviors are attempts to get even with the lover.

3. Relationships can be repaired if both partners react in which way?
(a) With desire to keep their family together at all costs.
(b) With willingness to work at the relationship.
(c) With acceptance and forgiveness for the affair.
(d) With acknowledgement of the level of damage from the affair.

4. After closer examination, the rationalizations used by the unfaithful partner to justify the affair often can be described in which way?
(a) Valid.
(b) Illogical.
(c) Unsustainable.
(d) Biased.

5. A hurt partner may avoid demanding change if they feel it will lead to which situation?
(a) Confrontation.
(b) Rationalization.
(c) Divorce.
(d) Abuse.

Short Answer Questions

1. After the affair is discovered, how does the unfaithful partner typically react to the repeated lying in which they had been engaging?

2. All extramarital affairs are viewed in which way by the text?

3. The feeling of romantic love can lead the unfaithful partner to take which action?

4. How is the religious faith of hurt partners affected after an affair?

5. Many people erroneously feel that their partners should be able to sense which of the following?

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