Daily Lessons for Teaching After the Affair

Janis Abrahms Spring
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Lesson 1 (from Introduction)



An affair is a devastating experience for a married couple. This breach of trust can potentially end the marriage. In order to address the affair openly and honestly, the author establishes early ground rules by assigning terms to the players in the marriage and extramarital affair that will hopefully lessen the immediate emotional response.

The objective of this lesson is to explore how discussions about the affair can begin in a productive manner.


1. Divide the class into groups of three. Assign each person a role which could be the hurt partner, the unfaithful partner and the lover. Ask them to engage in a discussion during which they use the more volatile terms of victim, victimizer and lover. Ask them to repeat the conversation using the author's terms of hurt partner, unfaithful partner and lover. Compare and contrast these experiences as a class.

2. Brainstorm as...

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