After the Affair Fun Activities

Janis Abrahms Spring
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Design an Interview

• Design 15 interview questions to ask the author of the book.

• Select an appropriate venue for the interview such as a specific TV show, newspaper, or website.

• Make sure the questions reflect what your intended audience wants to know.

Write a Resume

Write a resume for a job as a couples counselor specializing in helping couples survive an affair, highlighting skills and insights you have learned from reading the book.

Design an Advertisement

• Design a print (magazine or newspaper) advertisement for the book.

• Target this advertisement towards unfaithful partners who are debating whether or not to tell the hurt partners about the affair.

Contradicting Websites

• Find three websites that contradict information presented in the book.

• Decide if you agree with the book, the websites, or a combination of both and write a letter to the websites' editors/webmasters explaining your reasons.

Chose Your Own Ending


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