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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In terms of race, what type of attitude did Hooks discuss in Chapter 5?
(a) White supremacy.
(b) Integration and equality.
(c) Black supremacy.
(d) Separate but equal.

2. In Chapter 2, what type of person did Hooks say she made friends with?
(a) A black girl-woman.
(b) A white boy-man.
(c) A black boy-man.
(d) A white girl-woman.

3. Whose theoretical work did Hooks say may not properly be assessed?
(a) That of white men.
(b) That of white women.
(c) That of "colored women."
(d) That of "colored men."

4. What was the first topic that Hooks talked about in Chapter 3?
(a) How the involvement of students is what makes or breaks the success of a teacher.
(b) How becoming a teacher can be beneficial to the individual as well as his / her students.
(c) How the classroom should not be the main venue for teaching. It begins at home.
(d) How to implement the transformations within the classroom that multiculturalism requires.

5. According to Hooks, when is the profession of teaching best served?
(a) When the parents of the students compliment the teacher's progress.
(b) When all students understand what is being taught.
(c) When a teacher receives an award or promotion for a job well done.
(d) When a teacher does so with the idea that he/she is nurturing free adults.

Short Answer Questions

1. What type of person did Hooks say would most likely recognize how significant her work is?

2. How did Hooks describe the works of the Latina theorist introduced in Chapter 5?

3. What did the theorist mentioned in Chapter 7 say about himself?

4. Hooks said which of the following is most important for an effective educational process?

5. Hooks said teachers do best when they are what type of people?

Short Essay Questions

1. What did Hooks say about where the majority of feminist writings come from?

2. What form of speech did Hooks use to describe Paulo Freire, one of her intellectual influences?

3. Why did Hooks feel like her theoretical works were harshly criticized?

4. What did Hooks say about poor people and the need to earn money as adults?

5. In Chapter 6, what qualities did Hooks say a woman might possess to show that she is successful?

6. What did Hooks say about the psyches of women?

7. What did Hooks say is the other side to creating high standards of theoretical work that exclude certain groups?

8. Was Hooks' first integrated friendship received with open arms?

9. What did Hooks say in Chapter 3 about individual instructors' ability to speak freely in meetings at Oberlin?

10. What examples did Hooks give in Chapter 6 about the signs of success for a man?

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