My Life in France Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Julia Child said this book was about what?

Julia Child said she wanted this book to be about the things that she loved most in her life which were her husband, France, and cooking.

2. How did Julia put this book together?

Julia wrote this book from her own memories with the help of her grandnephew and some letters that her husband had written to his twin brother.

3. How did Julia meet her husband?

Julia met her husband when they were both in Sri Lanka working for the government during World War II.

4. When did Julia begin cooking, and why did she start?

Julia began cooking just before she got married because she felt that she needed to be able to cook for her husband the way his mother had always cooked for him.

5. How was Julia raised?

Julia was raised in an upper-middle class family in California. Her father was a business man and they hired cooks to prepare the family meals for them, although they were never fancy or refined.

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