My Life in France Character Descriptions

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Julia Child

This person was a famous cook, author, and television personality.

Paul Child

This person and his twin brother were raised in Brookline, Massachusetts.

Chef Max Bugnard

This mentor of the author had a thick mustache and thick round-framed glasses.

Simone Beck Fischbacher

This person was a Gourmette member who had blond hair and milky skin.

Madame Louisette Bertholle

This person was a small, neat woman who had a husband and two daughters.

Jim Beard

This person ran a cooking school in New York.

Charlie and Freddie Child

This person wrote many letters throughout his life to his brother, some of which were used in the book.

Dort McWilliams Cousins

This person was tall, like her famous sister, and full of life.

Judith Jones

This person was an editor at Knopf publishing house.

John McWilliams

This man was politically conservative and he and his daughter argued over...

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