Fast Food Nation Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Eric Schlosser
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The Founding Fathers

• Carl Karcher, the founder of Carl's Jr., moves from Ohio to Anaheim, California.

• Carl works for his uncle Ben at Karcher's Feed and Seed.

• He meets his future wife and starts working for Armstrong Bakery in Los Angeles.

• Southern California becomes the place where the automobile reigns supreme, effectively cutting out railway competition.

• Karcher buys his first hot dog cart with a loan from Bank of America for $311, and a loan from his wife for $15.
• Karcher opens Carl's Drive-In Barbeque in 1945.

• Walt Disney bought 160 acres in Anaheim and started to build Disneyland.

• Robert Schuller founded a Drive-In Church.

• Richard and Maurice McDonald open "McDonald's Famous Hamburgers" in San Bernardino.

• The Speedee Service System, where customers get out of the car and order from an assembly line system, replaces the Drive-In concept.
• Karcher visits McDonald's and decides he needs to adopt the self-service concept for his...

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