Arnold: The Education of a Bodybuilder Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Douglas Kent Hall
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Essay Topic 1

Arnold's parents clearly do not understand his choice of bodybuilding as a vocation and express disapproval in various ways.

Discuss the reasons why Arnold's father limits his time at the gym instead of forbidding Arnold to go to the gym at all.

Do you think that Arnold's decision to build a gym at home is a compromise? What do you think it is about his relationship with his father that caused his father not to prohibit gym attendance entirely, and why is Arnold willing to compromise by building the home gym?

Essay Topic 2

As a teenager, Arnold has an unfulfilled need for recognition. After meeting men who serve as role models at the gym in Graz, he realizes that becoming a bodybuilder can provide that recognition.

Discuss reasons why men who exercise at a gym and are much older than Arnold emerge as sources of inspiration...

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