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Nhat Hanh
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 1, Chapters 10-17.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In "Conscious Breathing", which two words can be used to facilitate being mindful of breathing?
(a) In and out.
(b) Love and harmony.
(c) Peace and joy.
(d) Inhale and exhale.

2. Who/what is one never able to escape?
(a) Mindfulness.
(b) Gratitude.
(c) Guilt.
(d) One's self.

3. What is the background for Hanh's religious training?
(a) Catholicism.
(b) Christianity.
(c) Taoism.
(d) Buddhism.

4. What causes us to lose touch with the peace that is available each moment?
(a) Indifference to others.
(b) Rush of modern life.
(c) Lack of honesty.
(d) Self-centered thoughts.

5. At the time of this book's printing, how many square miles of forestland had been destroyed by acid rain, partly because of cars?
(a) One hundred thousand.
(b) Three million.
(c) Five million.
(d) Two million.

Short Answer Questions

1. What invitation does the author give to the reader at the end of the first section?

2. What enables one to become a real person?

3. According to "Driving Meditation", where can happiness always be found?

4. According to Hanh, how many rings should one allow before answering the telephone?

5. What does the author suggest using as a bell of mindfulness when driving in Montreal?

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