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Short Answer Questions

1. What is the style of Diana's letter to Mother Teresa?

2. What does the narrator of "Breakfast at Kennedy's" find inside a darkened bunker?

3. Who does the narrator of "Martha Stewart's Vagina" say can make an appearance in the vagina?

4. Who is Senor Jangles?

5. Where does Jesus host a dinner for twelve friends in "The Last Supper"?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the tone of "Pen Pals"?

2. What role does the narrator play in "Breakfast at Kennedy's"?

3. Why does Princess Diana want to be pen pals with Mother Teresa as stated in "Pen Pals"?

4. Compare and contrast the Orthodox with the New Judaism as explained in "The New Judaism".

5. Why do you think Stewart, a Jew, would write in this manner about Judaism?

6. Who is Senor Jangles as described in "Local News"?

7. Explain the dynamics of Jesus's relationship with his disciples in "The Last Supper."

8. Describe the differences between the narrator and Jack Kennedy.

9. What sort of personality does Avram the waiter have in "The Last Supper"?

10. What do you think of the relationship between Senor Jangles and James MacPherson in "Local News"?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

How does the narrative point of view carried through all of Stewart's short stories in this book affect the way characters are perceived by the reader? Choose three examples from Stewart's short stories to show how this third-party point of view impacts the work.

Essay Topic 2

How does Stewart use tragic irony in "The Cult"? Why do you think he decided to use it in this story?

Essay Topic 3

Characters' names are symbolic in "Five Under Five." Choose two characters and describe what their names symbolize. Why would Stewart choose these particular names for the characters?

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