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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who ends up opening Ford's Coke bottle?
(a) Jackie Onassis.
(b) Betty Ford.
(c) Lady Bird Johnson.
(d) HIllary Clinton.

2. Who is the waiter at Jesus' dinner party in "The Last Supper"?
(a) Avram.
(b) Jo-jo.
(c) Tovah.
(d) Harlan.

3. Who writes to Diana's father in "Pen Pals"?
(a) The Sisters of Charity.
(b) Mother Teresa.
(c) Prince Charles.
(d) Diana.

4. Where is the manuscript in "The Last Supper" discovered?
(a) In a glass bottle in the ocean.
(b) Under President Clinton's mattress.
(c) The Sinai Peninsula.
(d) With some college applications from Yale.

5. Whose non-kosher offerings are too delicious to resist, according to the narrator of "The New Judaism"?
(a) Burger King.
(b) BBQ.
(c) Cheesesteaks.
(d) Pigs in a blanket.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which department store does the narrator of "Martha Stewart's Vagina" mention in her short story?

2. What century was da Vinci's notebook written in "Da Vinci: The Lost Notebook"?

3. In "Da Vinci," which of the following was not a subject of da Vinci's notebook drawings?

4. What does the narrator of "Martha Stewart's Vagina" say is the "centerpiece of your personal style"?

5. Why is Eileen's handwriting sloppy?

Short Essay Questions

1. What sort of personality does Avram the waiter have in "The Last Supper"?

2. How are Princess Diana and Mother Teresa different as they are portrayed in "Pen Pals"? How are they the same?

3. Describe the odd events captured on tape involving Gerald Ford.

4. Why does Eileen go to rehab? What is her reaction?

5. Which drawing in da Vinci's notebook do you think sounds the most interesting?

6. What is the tone of "Pen Pals"?

7. How is Jack Kennedy characterized in "Breakfast at Kennedy's"? Do you think this is a favorable description?

8. What sorts of anthropomorphic characteristics does Senor Jangles have in "Local News"?

9. Who is Senor Jangles as described in "Local News"?

10. Describe how Martha says the exterior of the vagina should look, according to the narrator of "Martha Stewart's Vagina."

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