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Breakfast at Kennedy's

• In "Breakfast at Kennedy's," John Kennedy is the only Catholic at Choate school, but is popular with the girls.

• JFK bonds with the narrator, the school's only Jew, and takes him to Hyannis, MA, to spend time with the Kennedy family.

• According to the narrator, JFK's parents are charitable and provide children to replace those lost in athletic competitions.
• The narrator misses the fun as he installs irrigation at the house.

• He also stumbles upon some imperfect Kennedy children locked inside a bunker.

• Various celebrities make cameo roles.

A Very Hanson Christmas, 1996-1999

• In "A Very Hanson Christmas," Eileen Hanson sends out a "Jesus loves you" Christmas card in 1996.

• The card talks about home-schooling children, a music project, and their gift-exchange.

• Eileen asks for donations for a neighbor with a cleft palette.
• Eileen addresses the fan letterhead, bad contracts, and apologizes for missing the family...

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